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If you think that the cotton sewn mask cannot be used, think again. Even the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has a place for them — in times of crisis, like the one we are in right now.
A significant movement, perhaps even a revolution of epic noble intentions, is underway in hackerspaces, makerspaces, and sewing groups to come together and solve a problem to save lives at risk with the Coronavirus.

We can help. Today, right now. We can do something to help others!
We not selling the masks with high mark-ups to speculate on deficit situation, but to help People of all ages and walks of life to overcome the deficit in masks and safe more lives.

We produce reusable cotton masks with companymargin 0.10 Euro per item. Just to save factory employees, to give them motivation in this precarious economic situation.

Our masks made from heavy 

cotton fabric, double layer, folded in the front and fixed with quality elastic on the sides.

You can care your mask at high temperatures machine wash and iron it to avoid the spread of the virus and use it again and again.

We sell masks 10 pieces in pack.
The pack price is 11 Euro+VAT.

(only 1,10 Euro per piece/Netto)

MOQ-1000 pcs

Our capacity is 1500 masks per day and we can            higher it if needed.
Please share this post and save more lives.
Please stay home and self-quarantine even if                symptoms seem mild or you haven't it.

Face mask
sewing production

We produce stylish corporate masks as well

Made from Pique Jersey  STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®  

Mask could be printed with your Company LOGO:

Pique Printed Jersey Mask pricing:

10 pcs- 35 Euro  + VAT

100 pcs- 250 Euro +VAT

1000 pcs- 2200 Euro +VAT 


                    For wholesale:


We will answer as soon as possible

face mask
face mask
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