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BROTHER  FD6-B942-1-52/PL3/DP1/TDC

Flatseamers are 4 needles, 6 threads interlock sewing machines with fabric cutter and produces extremely flat seaming. 

Flat seaming makes knitted apparels comfortable to wear. 

Flat seaming is originally employed for underwear and recently,

has become more popular for sportswear.

flatlock seam
Flatlock machine


3-Needle Top and Bottom Coverstitch Sewing Machine

The KANSAI SPECIAL WX-8803D is the most widely used coverstitch sewing machine by both individual sewers and professional factory operators.  It features the highest quality Japanese components, it's designed for smooth operation and is built to operate under the most demanding sewing conditions without constant adjustments.

sport seam
jersey machine


The machine achieves beautifully finished seam while preventing puckering and stitch skipping.

stripe machine
lampass maschine


Split Tube Binder Cover stitch machine.


This machine is ideal for light & medium work with fabrics such as lycra, cloth, synthetics.

Split tube binder helps in swimsuit sewing process.

Use for straps especially, provided

with flipar rubber elastic.

swimwear production
flipar elastic machine


Super high-speed chain stitch machine with upper metering device and fabric trimming knife that helps make decorative seam with thread weave.

4 thread cover stitch
Double needle lock machine


1-needle, Lockstitch Buttonholing Machine


Smooth operation contributes to high-quality finished buttonholes
and a higher degree of efficiency.

loop machine
loop machine

1-needle, Lockstitch Buttonholing Machine



Smooth operation contributes to high-quality finished buttonholes
and a higher degree of efficiency.

loop machine


2 Needle 5 Thread "Speed & Dry" Safety Stitch Machine with Top Feeder,

for heavy fabric and double strength.

 5 NEEDLS seam


Overlock machine with flipar elastic tape cylinder.

Cylinder Bed Overlock Machine for Attaching Elastic Tape,

Juki MO 6814S class is the All-in-one

Package for High Quality Finish in Elastic Attaching Operation.

Juki's Efficiency / Quality Conscious

Package in Elastic Attaching

Operation Enhances Finishing

Quality of Your Garments,

while Minimizing Downtime

and Material Loss.

rubbed seam
flipar  rubber mashine


Blind stitch machines are sewing machines producing stitches invisible or nearly invisible, widely used for hemming up skirts and trousers.

Normally, blind stitches can easily unravel

because those are single chain stitch,

but Strobel's blind stitch machines

can make stitch fastening while trimming

threads in order to reduce process

and time for better productivity.

blind stitch
Blind Stitch machine


High-speed, Overlock / Safety Stitch Machine

The MO-6814S Series responds to various kinds of sewing materials and processes, producing delicate and beautiful soft-to-the-touch seams while further reducing operating noise as well as increasing durability.

This advanced overlock / safety stitch machine

is easier to use and promises superior


responsiveness from light- to

heavy-weight materials

with a lower applied tension.

4 threads seam
sewing manufacturer

JUKI DDL-8700B-7

Direct-drive, High-speed, 1-needle, Lockstitch Machine with Automatic Thread Trimmer

The DDL-8700B-7 is a direct-drive, high-speed, lockstitch machine with an automatic thread trimmer that sews graceful,

high-quality seams on many kinds of fabric.

1 needle seam
juki equipment
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