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Our minimum order is 50 units per style, per colour, with a total minimum order of 100 units. 

The price will be reflected in these quantities, therefore the larger the order, the lower the unit cost.

Prices vastly differ depending on quantities and the complexity of each garment.

Lead times will vary between 4-6 weeks, depending on quantities, how busy we are and whether it is a first order or a repeat. 

When production is ordered, final quantities of garments can vary  +/- 5%.    
This is due to fabric faults, production errors, fabric variations for example usable width or perhaps   embellishment faults or printing.    
Usually the cutter will try to cut 5% over the production order if there are no fabric faults and enough   fabric is ordered so that as errors occur, quantities will not drop too low.    
This therefore means that final quantities will differ slightly from what was ordered. This is usual standard practice throughout the industry and you will be expected to accept any variations in quantity +/- 5% of  what was ordered.

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