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Cutting is the final stage before production.

Once your garment is cut, you can no longer change the style, fabric or fit of the garment.

Usually the fabric is rolled out in layers and cut with a hand-held electric cutter.

Other methods include hand cutting individual panels or using an automatic CNC machine.

When calculating the unit quantities per style, per size we always advice working within a ratio.
The fabric is then laid and the panels position and cut to fit with the ratio.

We find that the most common ratio is 1:2:2:1 for a size range of S,M,L,XL

though this will alter depending on your brand.
As an example:

If you produce 60 units per style, per colour across 4 sizes S,M,L,XL,

using the above ratio of 1:2:2:1 we would lay 10 layers of fabric and cut 10 units of both S & XL,

and then lay down the patterns of the Medium and Large panels twice  

so that 20 units of these sizes are cut. 
This turns a ratio of 1:2:2:1 into units of 10:20:20:10.

The cost of cutting is included in the garment  bulk production price.

Lead times are usually 1-2 weeks but are dependent on the number of styles and how busy the cut department is.

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