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We have a sampling department with high qualified staff working on each garment separately before the production in order to make the smooth production and high quality.

Technologists, constructors, quality managers works together in order to achieve the best result and solutions for your production.

Sampling is one of the most important and lovest stages of the process and it is paramount that you allow enough time so that you do not rush through it to meet a deadline.

This is a chance to check you are happy with the quality of the fabrics you have used and the aesthetics of the product. 

It is also a chance for the factory to get to grips with your garments, work out where they are having issues in production and perhaps suggest alternative finishes that work best for the style and fabric. 

Lead times for sampling are 5-10 working days depending on how busy we are at this moment.
Please note these lead times reflect each set of samples needed and the amount of styles being sampled.

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